Acta Bioethica is published biannually by the Interdisciplinary Center for Studies in Bioethic of the University of Chile. It constitutes a pluralistic source of perspectives and an important tribune which accepts the contributions of authors compromised with the interdisciplinary study of ethical determinants and consequences of techno scientific research.

ISSN: 1726-569X
Editor: Alvaro Quezada
Vol 19 No 1 (2013): Hacia una Ética Global




  • Beatriz Eugenia Cárdenas Morales, María Isabel Cornejo Plaza, Álvaro Quezada Sepúlveda, Fernando Lolas Stepke

Book reviews

  • Fernando Lolas Stepke, María Isabel Cornejo Plaza, Jorge F. Aguirre Salas, Claudio Lavados Montes