Law and bioethics: present status in Brasil


  • Eduardo de Oliveira Leite


In this monograph, the author examines the existing relationship between the juridical and ethical scopes, emphasizing especially the present status of the subject in Brasil. Accordingly, he points out that Law, as an imperative norm, has found great difficulty in establishing rules for bioethical matters, because it rules simultaneously with other normative systems that are not issued by the public authorities, but by the scientific community. Nevertheless, its juridical's recognition legitimates them because it reflects the predominant values in society, allowing them to be inserted in the social system.


Bioethics, law, human dignity, assisted reproduction, embryo.

Author Biography

Eduardo de Oliveira Leite

Doctor en Derecho Privado. Post - Doctor en Derecho de Familia. Profesor Titular de Derecho Civil. Miembro del Consejo Ejecutivo de la International Society of Family Law y Abogado en Paraná - Brasil.